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Saturday, April 25, 2009

MLB Walk Up Songs

Most players embrace the chance to choose a walk out song, and sometimes they even put in a lot of time thinking of "the perfect song." Some feel it makes them play better. Some say it just makes them more relaxed, or puts them into a routine. Sometimes players have reasons for choosing a certain song, and sometimes they just like the beat. Whatever the reason, most stadiums feature a players song as they are getting situated for their at bat or warming up on the mound. Here's some 2009 updated walk out songs for hitters, and warm up songs for pitchers:

Stephen Drew- Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me, Keith Urban
David Eckstein- Counting the Days, Collective Soul
Conor Jackson- Say Yeah, Wiz Khalifa
Adam Dunn- Sister Christian, Night Ranger
Mark Reynolds- Iron Man, Black Sabbath
Chris Snyder- Mosh, Eminem
Put You On Game, Lupe Fiasco
Marco Scutaro- Gasolina, Daddy Yankee
Aaron Hill- Slow Ride, Foghat
Adam Lind- If I Ruled the World, Nas
Scott Rolen- Viva La Vida, Coldplay
Lyle Overbay- Jeremy, Pearl Jam
Casey Blake- All These Things that I Have Done, The Killers
(Or a few different Killers songs)
Russell Martin- Purple Haze, Jimi Hendrix
I can't drive 55, Sammy Hagar
Andre Ethier- Tres Delinquents, Deliquent Habits
Manny Ramirez- S On My Chest, Lil Wayne
James Loney- Got Money, Lil Wayne
Chad Billingsley- TNT, AC/DC
Eric Byrnes- Your Love, The Outfield
Brandon Webb- Jam On It, Newcleus
Dan Haren- Faint, Linkin Park (War Up)
What You Got, Colby O'Donis (Walk Up)
Doug Davis- Ants Marching, Dave Matthews Band
Max Scherzer- Never Gonna Get It, Akon
Wake Up, Rage Against the Machine
Chipper Jones- Let's Go, Trick Daddy
Brian McCann- The Boss, Rick Ross
Rockstar, R. Kelly
Jeff Francoeur- These Are My People, Rodney Atkins
Mike Hampton- Rough & Ready, Trace Atkins
Charlie Morton- Who Did You Think I Was, John Mayer
Rafeal Soriano- Fuego, Pitbull
Joba Chamberlain- PSA, Jay-Z
Mariano Rivera- Enter Sandman, Metallica
Robinson Cano- Independent, Webbie
Derek Jeter- Candy, Cameo
You Gots to Chill, EPMD
Johnny Damon- Bleed It Out, Linkin Park
Jacoby Ellsbury- Cherub Rock, Smashing Pumpkins
Dustin Pedroia- F**k Wit Dre, Dr. Dre
Kevin Youkalis- Push It, Rick Ross
Jason Bay- Alive, Pearl Jam
Mike Lowell- Iron Man, Black Sabbath
Jason Varitek- Me and My Gang, Rascal Flatts
Josh Beckett- Rockstar, Nickelback
Tim Wakefield- How Bad Do You Want It, Tim McGraw
Jonathon Papelbon- I'm Shipping Up To Boston, Dropkick Murphys
Garrett Atkins- The Way I Are, Timbaland
Brad Hawpe- Rockstar, Nickelback
Chris Iannetta- I Can't Dance, Genesis
Troy Tulowitzki- The Anthem, Pitbull
Ryan Spilborghs- Thriller, Michael Jackson
Todd Helton- Back in the Saddle, Aerosmith
Brandon Inge- Make it Rain, Fat Joe
Joel Zumaya- Voodoo Child, Jimi Hendrix
Dan Uggla- Bust a Move, Young MC
Jeremy Hermida- Stricken, Disturbia
Justin Morneau- Big Gun, AC/DC
Jason Kubel- Click Click Boom, Saliva
Joe Mauer- Joe Mauer Theme Song (explicit), A&R
Nick Punto- The Way I Are, Timbaland
Adam Everett- Face Down, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Joe Nathan- Stand up and Shout, DIO
Mike Timlin- Black Betty, Ram Jam
A.J. Pierzynski- Set It Off, Audioslave
Jim Thome- No Leaf Clover, Metallica
Paul Konerko- Harvester of Sorrow, Metallica
Brian Anderson- Lovestoned, Justin Timberlake
Carlos Quentin- 4 Minutes, Madonna
Bobby Jenks- Boom, P.O.D.
Joey Votto- Black Betty, Ram Jam
Jay Bruce- Iron Man, Black Sabbath
Fausto Carmona- Stronger, Kanye West
Albert Pujols- Clap Yo Hands, ISM
Brian Wilson- Rise Up, Disciple
Tim Lincecum- Paranoid (remix), Linkin Park
Jake Peavy- Hillbilly Deluxe, Brooks & Dunn
Brian Schneider- Cyclone, Baby Bash
Carlos Beltran- El Esta Aqui, David and Abraham
David Wright- Good Life, Kanye West (He has about 4-5 songs that rotate)
Mark Teahen- Kansas City, Sneaky Sound System
Joakim Soria- Welcome to the Jungle, Guns and Roses
Chone Figgins- Speedin', Rick Ross
Torii Hunter- Umma Do Me, Rocko
JJ Hardy- Flower, Moby
Ryan Braun- Go Getta, Young Jeezy
Bill Hall- Got Money, Lil Wayne
Cole Hamels- Thunderstrck, AC/DC

It's definitely a cool perk of the ballparks when you get to hear the specifically chosen song by the player himself. Most the time fans connect with the players through these songs, because they get to learn more about their favorite players personality. The Cubs and the A's are two clubs that don't feature walk out songs. Some parks play funny songs for the visiting club, like the Desperate Housewives theme song for Evan Longoria. When Joe Crede came back to the Southside for the first time with the Twins, the Sox played "I'm all out of love" by Airsupply. It livens up the ballparks and the fans get a good laugh. Its a powerful moment for the ballplayer as he gets ready for his at bat, and it can completely change his approach and get him in the right frame of mind. Some have told me that it helps them drown out the crowd and focus on the at bat, too.

Currently, the Oakland A's are getting the fans involved to pick out a warm up song for their closer, Brad Ziegler. Their choices? Breathe into me, which was his song in 07 and 08 in the minors, Duck and Run by 3 Doors Down, Fade Away by 12 Stones (he loves the guitar intro), Haunted by Disturbed, or One X by Three Days Grace (his walkout song in 2006). It really turns into a capivating experience for a player and the fans, but is sometimes overlooked by others. I know I typically don't even notice walk out songs because I spend the majority of my time at a field that doesn't feature them- Wrigley. Although, when Kerry Wood became our closer last year, I loved being a part of the voting as the fans got to help him chose his song to warm up to, Welcome to the Jungle. Closer's songs tend be the most electrifying throughout the stadium- think Hell's Bells and Enter Sandman, for example.

Many baseball purists prefers the original house organ music or sometimes not even anything at all. I don't especially prefer that myself, but it is what I am use to. In the stadiums that do have walk up music, there tends to be common trends, espeically when it comes to the genre of music choice. ESPN held a poll of the top 50 players in the majors and found that 51.2% of them had some type of rock song. (See diagram below)

For most players, their walk out music is an important part of their warm up routines. One player said to me that it's an adreniline rush and helps him get hits. Players are always looking for consistancy, and the music is a part of that routine. The most common response I got from players was that it makes them comfortable at the plate. When looking back you'll notice that its a newer addition to baseball, as most coaches and former players will tell you that 6 or 7 years ago they didn't have it in their games. The coaches I talked to were split in their opinoins about walk out music. Some believe that it's a mental stimulus for the kids, because it makes them feel more confident at the plate and thus helps them succeed. Some are completely against it- they feel its a distraction and they say that kids get carried away with it. Others just say it's simply a fun part of the game. And why shouldn't the game be fun? It is a game after all.

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JG said...

I like the subject of this article as this is a large part of games at Busch Stadium. I know from witnessing games there that it definitely captures the fans' attention. When Mark McGuire was still playing he used to enter to Welcome to the Jungle. The second that song began to play the entire stadium would rise in anticipation. Several years passed between McGuire's last at bat at Busch and his return to the stadium. The Cardinals, in their last season at Busch Stadium II, invited back former players and personalities to pull off numbers from the outfield wall signifying the games remaining in the stadium. McGuire chose to come out of essentially hiding and accept the invitation to pull down the 25 from the wall. With the announcement of his acceptance, the St. Louis was engulfed in talk of whether the fans should cheer or boo him in response to his horrific testimony to the grandstanding congressional committee. Should the fans choose to cheer him for putting on spectacular shows and revitalizing the baseball town, or boo him for having done it while using performance enhancing drugs. I had the privlege of attending the game that night in which he pulled off the number. The second Welcome to the Jungle began to play the stadium instinctively rose to its collective feet and cheered. I have to admit that I had made the decision to cheer for him that night, but 15 seconds into the song I realized that I was cheering and had even thought about it. The song itself had envoked a trained response for me to stand up and cheer, which I think was the case for a great number in the stands that night. I would say these songs can become as much of a player's identity as their number. More importantly I agree with you, it involves the fans, gets the fans excited, and keeps the game fun for the players. If anyone in sports forgets that they are playing a game and should be having fun, they are more than welcome to switch jobs with me for a short period, which I'm sure it would be.

Nathaniel said...

This is awesome. Chris Iannetta and Carlos Quentin are my votes for the most amusing selections.

Cut6Tulo2Netta20 said...

That was Chris Iannetta's song from last year. Troy's is something else too. Spilly's is "Eye of the Tiger".

Tommy said...

I love this! Great idea to make this. The list is super helpful. True, Tulo's song is some country song...

Anonymous said...

Justin Morneau now play AC/DC's rock and roll aint noise pollution which sounds awesome at Target Field.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Beckham-Your Love by The Outfield. That song is already directly correlated to Beckham in Chicago & soon will be all over the country.

Justin said...

T.Hoffman's is "Hell's Bells" and when Turnbow was a Brewer, his was "Fuel" by Metallica. Sure got the crowd and me going!