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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Angels Nick Adenhart Controversy

So, this image has been receiving tons of scrutiny from blogs around the internet. Many say this is wrong, considering the circumstance that killed Adenhart was a drunk driver.

But, I don't know. I see it differently. If Adenhart was in the jersey, he would have been soaked in beer himself, celebrating clinching a playoff spot. And the Angels have played this entire year with his jersey in their dugout. Yes, it was to remember him and honor him, but they also believed he was there with them. And showering his jersey in beer, to me, is just the teams way of saying that he was there celebrating with them that night.


Doug Davis Foundation Meet & Greet- THIS SATURDAY!!!

This Saturday, October 3rd, 2009, I will be co-hosting a Celebrity Meet & Greet at John Barleycorn Bar and Grill in Chicago. This is an OPEN INVITE I'm extending to ANYONE who reads my blog (including kids)!

Cubs and Dbacks Celebrity Meet & Greet!
Want to find out how you can come? Read below!

Basically here's the breakdown: It's 2 hours, all you can eat food and drink (provided by the bar), while mingling with Cubs and Diamondbacks players all to support charity!

Who: So far, these are the confirmed players: Doug Davis (ARI SP), Dan Haren (ARI SP, All-star), Mark Reynolds (ARI 3B), Max Scherzer (ARI SP), Clay Zavala (ARI RP), Mike Fontenot (CHC 2B), Koyie Hill (CHC C), Sean Marshall (CHC P), and Randy Wells (CHC SP). (Plus more may come day of event)

What: A Celebrity Meet & Greet to raise money to benefit the charity supported in 2009 by the Doug Davis Foundation. This year Doug chose to give the proceeds to The Miracle League of Arizona, which will use the funds to build a state-of-the-art, ONE-OF-A-KIND baseball field for children with special needs.

When: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009. The event will start approximately ONE HOUR AFTER the end of the game. It's a noon start, so we expect to start the event around 4pm (we have to give the players enough time to relax after the game and come over to the bar). **If the game is rained out, the event will still be held! In that case it will start ONE HOUR AFTER the game has officially been called. But, we expect good weather!

Where: John Barleycorn, located at 3524 N. Clark St, Chicago. It is 1/2 a block South of Wrigley Field.

Why: This is a pre-event to kick off our Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament, held in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona in December. Many of the players attending this Meet and Greet will also be a part of the golf tournament a few months later, on December 7th, 2009 at the Kierland Golf Course.

The cost for this Meet & Greet is only $45! To reserve your spot CLICK HERE! Or visit our home site at

I will be at this event co-hosting with the President of the Doug Davis Foundation, Greg Harris. Together we are putting together a great, great event in order to raise money for the chairties that Doug is dedicated towards helping! We also have some great raffle prizes- signed jerseys by Cubs and Dbacks and more!

Thanks for reading everyone & I hope to meet you all there!

Ps. This is the last homestand of the year for the Cubs as they take on the Arizona Diamondbacks at Wrigey!

Me, Greg, and Max Scherzer at the VIP party to kick off last years' golf outing

Doug with his beautiful fiance, Chantelle, and one of their puppies!

A guest, Dana Eveland (Oakland A's P), another guest, and Mark Rogers (Milwaukee Brewers P) stopped to take a picture at last years golf outing!

Friday, September 25, 2009

New blogs to read!

Check the side panel under the "Blogs Worth Reading" when you get a chance. I've added 3 news ones on there ALL of which are incredible and I know my readers would enjoy! <--- This girl I met off Twitter and she hosts a phenomenal blog, so please check it out! <--- This one is written by the fitness guru from the Bulls Sox Training Academy... his tips can get ANYONE into the shape they want to be in! <--- Lastly, Theresa is a friend on mine who writes great, funny aritcles on her blog. She's extremely witty and her blogs are always interesting!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bradley's Teammates Speak Up & Defend Cub Fans

RYAN DEMPSTER: "It became one of those things where you see him putting the blame on everybody else, and sometimes you have to look in the mirror and realize that maybe the biggest part of the problem is yourself and wanting to be there and wanting to play every day and wanting to have some fun. It didn't seem like he wanted to have very much fun, even from Spring Training."

RYAN DEMPSTER: "At the end of the day, he was provided a great opportunity to come over here and be a part of a really great organization with a lot of really good guys, and it just didn't seem to make him happy, anything. Maybe this is a little bit of a wakeup call for him and he can realize how good a gig we have. This story's not really about him, it's bigger than him. It's about us as an organization and doing what we need to do as a team. He'll have to try to figure it out himself."

REED JOHNSON: "That's tough for a guy like me to understand. I came from Toronto and fell in love with the city [of Chicago] and fell in love with the organization. It's hard for me to believe you can come to this city and come to this organization and not enjoy your time here. I've heard guys like Eric Karros and Jason Kendall say if you're playing Major League Baseball over a long career, you have to play at least one year for the Chicago Cubs. It's a good thing, not a bad thing. I think all of us are really surprised that a player could come here and not have the time of his life."

ARAMIS RAMIREZ: "I've never seen a general manager suspend a player for something he's been doing or something he says in the paper," third baseman Aramis Ramirez said. "Jim's got a point. If you don't want to be here, he sent him home."

I think everyone wanted to like Bradley. We wanted to believe that he had changed- that he was no longer the immature, hot-headed player with baggage. We wanted him to do well for our team and we wanted to see him succeed. But enough with the babying. This is a 31 year old man we are talking about here. He cannot perform well under pressure obviously-- but he's suppose to be a professional. You don't ever bad mouth the people who employ you or the people who support you. I don't care how much money you make or what you feel you deserve. The Cub players tried to reach out to him, but you can't help someone who isn't willing to be helped.

A lot of people are saying, "let's just cut him and get it over with." I think we can at least get a 17th round pick out of the deal, don't you?
Good luck, Bradley.

PS. Brad Nolan- How pissed are you that you bought a Bradley jersey before the season even started? It's okay, we all make mistakes. But hey, like I said, we all wished he could have succeeded here.

Bradley's 2009 Season Stats:
124 Games, 393 ABs, 61 R, 101 H, 156 TB, 17 2B, 1 3B, 12 HR, 40 RBIs, 66 BB, 95 K, .257 AVG, .378 OBP, .397 SLG
*Quotes and stats provided by

Bradley Suspended Remainder of the Season

From at 5:24pm CT:
The Chicago Cubs have suspended outfielder Milton Bradley for the remainder of the season, following comments he made to the Arlington Heights Daily Herald about there being too much negativity playing for the Cubs.
"Recently it's become intolerable to hear Milton talk about our great fans the way he has," general manger Jim Hendry told's Bruce Levine. "We pride ourselves on having the greatest fans in baseball, so at this time we felt it was best for him to go home for the rest of the season."
The move was first reported by multiple Chicago outlets and was confirmed by In the interview with the Herald on Saturday, Bradley said: "You understand why they haven't won in 100 years here."
He also said that he hasn't enjoyed his first year in Chicago, and that: "It's just not a positive environment. I need a stable, healthy, enjoyable environment. ... It's just negativity."
Bradley, who was hitting .257 with 12 homers and 40 RBIs, has two years remaining on a three-year, $30 million contract that he signed as a free agent last offseason. Hendry said he didn't know if the relationship was "fixable."
What a jack-ass.



Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Beauty of Baseball

"The scene is instant, whole and wonderful. In its beauty and design that vision of the soaring stands, the pattern of forty thousand empetalled faces, the velvet and unalterable geometry of the playing field, and the small lean figures of the players, set there, lonely, tense and waiting in their places, bright, desperate solitary atoms encircled by that huge wall of nameless faces, is incredible. And more than anything it is the light, the miracle of light and shade and color-- the crisp blue light that swiftly slants out from the soaring stands and, deepening to violet, begins to march across the velvet field and towards the pitcher's box, that gives the thing its single and imcomparable beauty.

The batter stands swinging his bat and grimly waiting at the plate, crouched, tense, the catcher, crouched, the umpire, bent, hands clasped behind his back, peering forward. All of them are set now in the cold blue of that slanting shadow, except the pitcher who stands out there all alone, calm, desperate, and forsaken in his isolation, with the gold-red swiftly fading light upon him, his figure legible with all the resolution, despair and lonely dignity which that slanting, somehow fatal light can give him."

-Thomas Wolfe, Of Time and the River
(A picture I took at Wrigley Field, August 2009)
The setting of the sun is always more beautiful at a ballpark. -S

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How do you NOT love the Red Sox?!

Just look what these guys do for charity, haha!
"Mike Lowell's Dancing with the All-Stars" (2008)

Papelbon and Pedroia:

And now Cora and Lowell:

I think Alex actually has a chance of the real DWTS when he's done with baseball!!! Love this team, always great team chemistry and a bunch of fun guys to watch! NOW VOTE ON YOUR FAVORITE!!!

Dustin Pedroia

After watching this guy all weekend, couldn't help but put this up. He plays with heart and soul, he treats the game with respect, and he shows up everyday ready to win. One of the best in the game, Dustin Pedroia!

I got Pedroia to sweet spot a ball for me last year when the Red Sox came in town and to this day it's my favorite autograph. He quizzed me for a good 5 minutes on ASU, and it mean't the world to me (ask Brad, he was there!). He was so humble and friendly with the fans, and it was overall a great experience even though we stood in the rain for 30 minutes waiting for him to come out, haha. Everytime I look at that ball, I remember that amazing day. Some players don't realize what kind of impact they have on their fans, but Pedroia knows. And it shows, because when he gets on that field everyday he plays with heart.

Sundevils, baby.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Magic Numbers

Here is the BEST site for Magic Numbers, which was forwarded to me from my friend Ari who writes a blog called DoubleKid . Check it out-- every single team is represented, even the ones who have no shot. For example, the Nationals magic number is only 64. Totally possible, haha, but cool nonetheless. Also check out Ari's blog. He's a huge Cubs fan but doesn't just write about baseball. His posts are well thought out and articulate and provide for a great read!

Thanks Ari!


I have extended the voting for this poll until September 15th. I think by then the gap should have widened between the five teams. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Potential Playoff Rosters are Set!

Well, it's September 1st and as of today the potential playoff rosters for every Major League Baseball team are set. If you didn't know how it works, then let me explain: Clubs are allowed to expand their rosters to 40 men for the remainder of the regular season. If a player has not been added to this roster, then they are not eligible for the playoff roster, if their team makes it. So, that means that the 25 man playoff roster can only be made up from players who are currently with their respected teams.

That being said, I posted a poll earlier today regarding the National League Wild Card race (post above this one). The Rockies and Giants are holding down fort in first place, and it seems like that may be the final two when it comes down to it. I have to say, with the way to Rockies are clawing for the wild card and the fact that they have the most home games left in the regular season, does provide them with the will and edge they need to secure their spot in the playoffs. My friend Mike brought up a good point this morning when he said that the wild card team has been in the world series 6 out of the last 7 years. When you break it down, the wild card winner is usually a team that is fighting day in and day out to make it in the playoffs. More times than not, at the end of the season, the division leaders have a significant lead on the rest of the teams in their division. So all these second place teams basically have a chance to fight or die, and that momentum (if they get on a hot streak) not only carries them into the playoffs, but transfers over into the playoffs. As much as I want it to be the Cubs this year, their team just doesn't seem to want it as bad as the Rockies, Giants, Braves, or Marlins.

I took it upon myself to look up each team's remaining home games for you guys to see. The picture to the left has each team with the number of home games left, then in the final column the games back of their division and games back of the wild card. Pink highlighted rows are American League division leaders, and Yellow highlighted rows are National League division leaders.

So, that was from last night. Here are the current stats, including today's games:
#HG= Number of home games remaining on schedule
M#= Magic Number (Team wins + second place team losses needed to clinch)
ANGELS             16     LEAD ALW BY 6 GAMES (M#=27)
ASTROS             16     13.5 GAMES BACK OF NLC/ 9 GB OF NLWC
BLUE JAYS        15     23 GAMES BACK OF ALE
BRAVES             16     7.5 GAMES BACK OF NLE/ 3 GB OF NLWC
BREWERS          16     12 GAMES BACK OF NLC/ 7.5 GB OF NLWC
CARDINALS      15     LEAD NLC BY 10.5 GAMES (M#=22)
CUBS                   16     10.5 GAMES BACK OF NLC/ 6 GB OF NLWC
D'BACKS            15      18 GAMES BACK OF NLE
DODGERS          15     LEAD NLW BY 5.5 GAMES (M#=26)
GIANTS              16     5.5 GAMES BACK OF NLW/ NLWC LEADER 
INDIANS            18     11 GAMES BACK OF ALC
MARLINS           11     8.5 GAMES BACK OF NLE/ 4 GB OF NLWC
METS                   15     17.5 GAMES BACK OF NLE
ORIOLES            15     29.5 GAMES BACK OF ALE
PADRES              13     21.5 GAMES BACK OF NLW
PHILLIES            17     LEAD NLE BY 7.5 GAMES (M#=26)
PIRATES             17     23 GAMES BACK OF NLC
RANGERS           15     6 GAMES BACK OF ALW/ 4 GB OF ALWC
RAYS                   18    11.5 GAMES BACK OF ALE/ 5 GB OF ALWC
RED SOX             15    6.5 GAMES BACK OF ALE/ ALWC LEADER
REDS                   15     18.5 GAMES BACK OF NLC
ROYALS             14     19.5 GAMES BACK OF ALC
TIGERS               17      LEAD ALC BY 3.5 GAMES (M#=29)
TWINS                14     3.5 GAMES BACK OF ALC/ 10.5 GB OF ALWC
YANKEES          16     LEAD ALE BY 6.5 GAMES (M#=26)

I have always been a firm believer of "Home Field Advantage." With the Rockies leading with 19 home games, whereas the Marlins only have 11, I have to believe that the Rockies have the edge for the NL Wild Card.