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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

100th Post

For my 100 post, let's have some fun =P

Thank you Kenny Smalley, Oakland A's fabulous stud minor leaguer, for supplying my night with many laughs from this video =) Oh and it was fun beating you at scrabble tonight.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Milton Bradley--

Milton Bradley's rocky moments with Chicago Cubs --

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Here's the article written by the Trib's Paul Sullivan:
April 16: After getting standing ovation at Wrigley Field before his first home at-bat, Bradley is called out on strikes and ejected by plate umpire Larry Vanover, who alleges Bradley made contact with bill of his cap. Later suspended by MLB for infraction.
April 22: Booed by Cubs fans for not running out ground ball in his first start at home, then refuses to talk to media afterward.
April 23: Asked how his injured groin feels after game, Bradley cracks, "I feel like 30 million bucks" while walking away from reporters.
May 24 : Tells Tribune that umpires have vendetta against him: " 'We're going to get him any time we can. As soon as he gets two strikes, we're going to call whatever and see what he does. Let's try to ruin Milton Bradley.' "
June 12: Throws ball into bleachers after making two-out catch against Twins, allowing run to score. "Sue me," he defiantly says afterward.
June 26: Tells Tribune he feels like he's "afloat on an island" because his teammates have isolated him: "They say all the right things, but it's just b.s." Later creates dugout scene after popout and gets into confrontation with manager Lou Piniella, who calls him "piece of (expletive)" and sends him home.

July 12: Declares himself "back" after poor first half and says "negative" media is only thing stopping Cubs: "Don't read the newspaper. Don't watch TV. Just play, because we have everything we need right here. If we stay together in here, cut out all the outside b.s., we'll be fine. There's way too much hoopla, there's way too much talk. There's way too much speculation."
Aug. 26 : Suggests he has been victim of racial abuse in interview with beat writers. Asked for specifics, he facetiously shouts: "America doesn't believe in racism." Also rips Chicago waiters for "bad-mouthing" him.
Sept. 17: Takes himself out of game without pinch runner ready, refuses to answer questions afterward, repeating: "What else ya got? What else ya got?"
Sept. 19: Takes himself out of starting lineup and refuses to pinch-hit, leading to heated confrontation with hitting coach Von Joshua. Beforehand, he complained of "negativity" in organization in Daily Herald interview.
Sept. 20: Suspended for final 15 games and sent home by GM Jim Hendry. Cubs players stand by Hendry's decision. "Sometimes you just have to look in the mirror and realize that maybe the biggest part of the problem is yourself," Ryan Dempster says.

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December 17: Milton is no longer a Cub!!!!
Thankfully we no longer have this cancer in our clubhouse, bad mouthing Cub fans. The $9 million dollars we received from the Mariners is worth it alone, not even including Carlos Silva. I'm partial to Silva because althought he's been a dismal signing for the Mariners and has an even worse contract than Bradley, he at least has some upside. Plus he is a fomer Minnesota Twin, and to once belong to that organization is a value. I mean even if this guy is terrible, we push him to our bullpen or release him, although since this was Hendry's mistake he may put more time into developing a project. Either way, the best news I've heard all year is the whiny, self-centered, undesercving Milton Bradley is no longer blessed to play in Wrigley Field in front of the greatest fans in the world. WE DESERVE BETTER, Cub fans!!!

Happy Offseason,

Talk to "S" on AIM

I've decided to add a new feature to the blog, soon to be site!

Talk to "S" on aol instant messanger! Talk about updates, issues, and topics around the Major Leagues. Also a great way to find out about Major League charity events around your area!

AIM Username: TurnTwo34

Can't wait to talk baseball!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Players for the Planet

A lot of you have noticed the new logo on the right for "Players for the Planet." I know this because I've gotten countless e-mails asking how to get involved. So I messaged Chris Dickerson (founder and CEO) and asked him for the answers to your questions. Currently they are doing "Who Gives? Racing for a Cause!" This is from him:

"Dear Athletes and Fans of “Players for the Planet” :

On your mark, get set ... Are you ready?

We need your help to win this race! The Who Gives, Racing for a Cause competition has begun.

We are currently taking part in “Who Gives? Racing for a Cause”. Run through, this is a competition among non-profit organizations to see who can raise the most money for their respective cause. The competition starts December 16th at 5:00 p.m. ET and runs through 11:59 p.m. ET on January 15th.

Players for the Planet needs YOU to help us win this game. We cannot do it alone! Please click the link here to read more about our cause and donate.

The environment is an intricate part of our existence. This is not just Players for the Planet’s race; this race belongs to all of us. For if we can ban together, athlete and fan, to make our world a more sustainable place, we will all reap the benefits!
The Starting Line Up: In addition to the money raised through donations; the Champions Purse of Gold, Silver, and Bronze purse is going to the organization that comes in first, second, and third.
Gold – First place = $10,000
Silver – Second place = $5,000
Bronze – Third place = $2,500

This letter is to ask for your help raising funds and spreading the word to all your friends and contacts. Two ways to help our organization win the Champion's Purse:
1) Attract the most unique donors or
2) Raise the most money.
We need your support. We are asking everyone to take two actions, right now.
First: Go now to this link and pledge something, any amount can go a long way and will be greatly appreciated.
Second: Send a copy of this announcement to all your contacts, Facebook, Twitter, and email.
Then watch your email for our updates, and keep us in mind for the ...TIME TRIAL BONUSES: The bonus days are Dec 22, Dec 29th, Dec 30th, Jan 5th, Jan 7th, and Jan 12th. On each bonus day, our organization can win an additional $500.00 by either getting the most unique donors in that one day, or raising the most money in that one day.
We appreciate your support! Let the games begin!
STARTING GUN: Sounded 5:00 pm (EST) Wednesday, December 16th
FINISH LINE: 11:59pm (EST) Friday, January 15th

Players for the Planet is an investment not only in our world today, but for the well-being of future generations. While we may not all be players on the ball field, we can all be Players for the Planet!


Chris Dickerson
CEO and Founder
Players for the Planet

P. S. Track our progress

STARTING LINE: You can view the campaign on a video blog by competitor Heather Mitts on .

Even if this is something you can't personally do yourself, spread the word. It's very rare we find professional athletes, who want to use their fame for something good. Here we have many. The current athletes involved for this cause include:
Chase Utley, Conor Jackson, Jay Bruce, Jon Garland Matt Cassel, Ryan Braun, Adam Russell, Andy LaRoche, Alecko Eskandarian, Bill Bray, Bobby Boswell, Brendan Harris, Brian Schneider, Cat Osterman, Chris Dickerson, CJ Wilson, Collin Balester, Delwyn Young, Freddy Sanchez, Gary Barnidge, Geoff Jenkins, George Parros, Hunter Pence, Jack Cassel, Justin Cassel, Jacoby Ellsbury, Joe Smith, Josh Barfield, Kila Ka'aihue, Mike Aviles, Nick Hundley, Reid Brignac, Chris Gimenez, Russ Ortiz, Ryan Nece, Scott Niedermayer, Suzanne Stonebarger, and Michelle Moore.

"Our goal is to bring professional athletes together to inspire communities to build awareness of the growing environmental crisis."

Here's to a Good Cause and a Great New Year ahead of us!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm back!

I didn't forget about you guys, don't worry! I just got back from the 2nd Annual Doug Davis Foundation Celebrity Golf Invitational weekend which included a VIP Kick off Party at a donated $5million dollar italian inspired villa, as well as a $100 buy in Poker Tourny and blackjack night!

If I haven't answered your e-mail yet, I'm finally able to go through them now and do so from the past week, sorry about the delay since I usually am able to get back to you within a day.

Since I'm still adjusting to getting settled back in and back to work, bear with me at least another day so I can start posting again, b/c I have many, many stories! Until then, here are some pics from the event:

All the Celebrity Ballplayers that came out for the event despite the rain!
(From left to right: Mark Grace, Jerry Hairston Jr, Junior Spivey, JJ Hardy, Billy Buckner, Jon Warden, Eddie Bonine, Steve Stone, Doug Davis, Darron Sutton, Max Scherzer, Luke Carlin, Dana Eveland, Dave Burba, Lee Smith, Robin Yount, Tim Raines, Mark Rogers, Bob Uecker, and Chris Capuano... and we can't forget the Vice President of the Foundation, Greg Harris- the short one in the middle)

Some of the best volunteers we have at the Doug Davis Foundation: Wendy, Susan, Sam, Me, Stephanie, and Daria.... and this was after we got poured on and ran around like crazy people to keep the event going!

Getting ready for the VIP Kick Off Party at the beautiful $5million Paradise Valley home!

Much more to come!!!