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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Obsessed with the World Series

The title says its all.. I am literally, 100% obsessed with the World Series. I can even name every World Series winner since 1903 without cheating - and I can name them all in less than 15minutes thanks to In high school I studied narratives depicting the early 1900's fall classic with the Philly A's and New York Giants. One may ponder as to why I am so excited with the World Series, considering as a Cubs fan I have never been able to actually celebrate it with my own team. Bitter? Never. I genuinely feel like "its the year" every year, and when it's not (103 years and counting) it only takes a breif offseason depression before my hope are renewed in the next spring.

Nevertheless, I am consumed with the Fall Classic. I get teary at the opening ceremonies, excited to hear the National Anthem, exhuberant with every good play. I get so involved I pray like my life depends on it that "my team" wins. I'm enamored with the Fall - its' beautiful weather makes the night games feel like real baseball. For me, the World Series is the kick off to my holidays!

Now, I'm not going to make predictions (cough, Rangers in 5, cough) nor throw around stats and probabilities because everyone else is already doing that. I'd only overkill it. So instead, I'm going to share with you my some of the historic logos of theWorld Series in the current era. Have you seen this years yet (look to the left!)? It's wonderful! It makes me want to rake leaves into a giant pile and jump in the them and turn them into confetti! Okay, a little much... but in all seriousness looking at the logo makes it legitimatly feel like the Fall Classic... and boy has it come far from its proceeding images (thank you high-def). So below are some logos I've found and looking at them gives me the sensation of seeing the highlight reels and game day footage play before me. They stamp the annual occuance and mark our jerseys and programs as historic evidence of the great winners in this game. And it's cool to see how creative (or lack thereof) they have been over time.

World Series fun fact? In 1903, 1919, 1920 and 1921 the World Series was a 9 game exhibition. Every year between and after has been 7, like we are use to today.

Enjoy the World Series, don't let it pass you by, and don't take one play for granted. This is where it all counts!

The Baseball Life,

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