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Friday, November 11, 2011

Just a Little Marlins Magic on the Day of their Countdown!

On today, 11/11/11 most people are busy making wishes and celebrating with friends for the hope of a little bit of additional luck in their lives... me? Well, I'll just be waiting to see the Marlins unveil their new uniforms, stadium, and logos tonight.

I have a dog named Annabelle Sanchez (literally, its on her dog tag) because when she was abandoned at my door step in the Summer of 2010 she became oddly obsessed with my authentic Marlins hat I had accidentally left on my coffee table. Anytime in those first 2 weeks I had her in my home, she'd sneakly grab the apparal left out on the table and hoard it in her new dog cage. Once I decided I was going to keep her, I had to find a perfect name. From her constantly frightened demeanor and actual fear of all men, it was clear to me that this dog had been a victim of abuse, so much so that should would cringe any time anyone tried to pet her. Her luck was bound to change, especially once she found me. I figured I'd bypass a generic "Lucky" name for the dog left abandoned and decided to don her with the "super-lucky" Anibal Sanchez tag, cleverly changing the spelling in the first name to make her a little more feminine.

I justified her being named Annabelle Sanchez for a few reasons. For one, she was obsessed with cap. I assumed she like the colors, or maybe hated the Cubs (2003 reference, my bad). But mostly, due to the fact that Anibal Sanchez  had a no hitter against the odds of a Marlins defense that had ranked as one of the worst defenses ever fielded by the organization. Six rookies started in that game on September 6, 2006 against the Arizona Diamondbacks including Sanchez who was making only his 13th Major League start of his career. That alone was a record for a no hitter in terms of the number of rookies used.

Was that enough luck for this little pup? No chance. I also took into account the fact that despite his 4 walks issued in the game, he only yieled 103 pitches in the 9 innings at home. This also came at a time where we, as fans of Major League Baseball, had gone the longest without enjoying a no hitter - 6,364 games since Randy Johnson's perfect-o May 18, 2004 for the Dbacks. Therefore, I rationalized that her unlucky streak would be broken, as well.

Needless to say, I like to keep my dogs current on their teams so I will be ordering a new hat for little Annabelle tonight at 11pm when the on-line store at opens orders.

To new begininings, cheers!

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