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Friday, December 2, 2011

Best Sports Stadiums, Wordwide!

Recently, a lady named Katina from forwarded a link to my email entitled “The 10 Most Spectacular Sports Stadiums in the World". After viewing the article, and learning that she's a long time reader on my site (bonus!) I thought I'd share it with everyone here, since it really does blend well with the content already in place. The article highlights the ten most interesting stadiums in the world... not just baseball, but we do have some reprensentation.

Sports are a huge part of our daily lives. The incredible popularity of sports has made them big business, with the most elite teams and the most successful franchises building incredible stadiums to hold the millions of adoring fans who loyally follow their favorite teams. These stadiums have become an essential part of major cities and whole continents throughout the world. They are a source of local and national pride and feature some of the most innovative technology and entertainment advances that the world has ever seen. Here are the top 10 most spectacular stadiums in the world: CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story...

Feel free to pass along your articles or other interesting ones you think the readers here will enjoy, our own little pay it forward in the baseball enthusiast world ;-) Also, keep in mind the site will be changing it look soon as I've been working with a graphic designer to spruce the place up! Always, thanks for your dedication & happy offseason.


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