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Friday, December 9, 2011

CJ Wilson Thanks his Fans

I thought this was pretty cool, especially since CJ Wilson is one of the few players who goes above and beyond to connect with his fans. This morning at about 5:30am CST time, he uploaded a message to his facebook account that read as follows:

I just want to say thank you to all the ranger fans who have supported me, and my efforts in the community the last six years in Texas. Surely it's both hard for some to understand that I left for a different team let alone a division rival- it was bittersweet for me as well. At the end of the day the rangers didn't make a push to keep me on the team. The angels an marlins wanted me on their... teams and proved it. everything written about an asking price etc was media speculation and never had an ounce of truth. The rangers are a great organization with talented front office and players and will be a difficult team to beat and it's very sad to leave such awesome teammates and fans. The last few years in ranger stadium were special- going from a losing team to bankrupt to american league champs was a complete transformation and obviously everyone should be proud of it. The charity will continue even stronger now and we will continue to support North Texas kids as well as SoCal kids. Please keep that spirit of philanthropy alive for your local causes like cooks children's hospital, Scottish rite, dallas children's and the boys and girls club. - C.J. Wilson

I thought that was an appropriate and grateful response given by the 31 year old southpaw. It wasn't needed nor required, but it goes to show you how much his fans mean to him. Not only will CJ be joining a new team on a 5 year/$77.5MM deal, but he will also be going home. Wilson grew up in Southern California in the city of Newport Beach. Like Pujols, Wilson was offered more to play with the Miami Marlins, but declined. I think the Angels are a perfect fit for CJ... if you follow him on Twitter ( or are friends with him on facebook (!/TheLefty) then you know the Cali lifestyle was made for him. Comfortability can go a long way in someones career, just ask Carl Crawford.

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