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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day 2011

It's finally here! All of our offseason dreaming is now our reality. And whether our teams prosper or fall short, one thing is certain: We have 30 teams playing 2,430 games over the next 6 months in what will be an emotional, bumpy, but without a doubt exciting and enjoyable 2011 Major League Baseball season. And that doesn't even include watching our farm systems, summer ball, high school state tournaments, and all those in between!

So, to the only day better than both Christmas and our birthdays combined... HAPPY 2011 MLB OPENING DAY! And may the best team win ;)

Thursday's Openers
Tigers at Yankees (Verlander vs. Sabathia)
Braves at Nationals (Lowe vs. Hernandez)
Brewers at Reds (Gallardo vs. Volquez)
Angels at Royals (Weaver vs. Hochevar)
Padres at Cardinals (Stauffer vs. Carpenter)
Giants at Dodgers (Lincecum vs. Kershaw)

Friday's Openers

Astros at Phillies (Myers vs. Halladay)
Pirates at Cubs (Correia vs. Dempster)
White Sox at Indians (Buehrle vs. Carmona)
Red Sox at Rangers (Lester vs. Wilson)
D-backs at Rockies (Kennedy vs. Jimenez)
Twins at Blue Jays (Pavano vs. Romero)
Orioles at Rays (Guthrie vs. Price)
Mets at Marlins (Pelfrey vs. Johnson)
*Angels at Royals (Haren vs. Francis)
Mariners at Athletics (Hernandez vs. Cahill)
*Giants at Dodgers (Sanchez vs. Billingsley)
                 * denotes 2nd game of the series

See you at the ballpark!