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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Obsessed with the World Series

The title says its all.. I am literally, 100% obsessed with the World Series. I can even name every World Series winner since 1903 without cheating - and I can name them all in less than 15minutes thanks to In high school I studied narratives depicting the early 1900's fall classic with the Philly A's and New York Giants. One may ponder as to why I am so excited with the World Series, considering as a Cubs fan I have never been able to actually celebrate it with my own team. Bitter? Never. I genuinely feel like "its the year" every year, and when it's not (103 years and counting) it only takes a breif offseason depression before my hope are renewed in the next spring.

Nevertheless, I am consumed with the Fall Classic. I get teary at the opening ceremonies, excited to hear the National Anthem, exhuberant with every good play. I get so involved I pray like my life depends on it that "my team" wins. I'm enamored with the Fall - its' beautiful weather makes the night games feel like real baseball. For me, the World Series is the kick off to my holidays!

Now, I'm not going to make predictions (cough, Rangers in 5, cough) nor throw around stats and probabilities because everyone else is already doing that. I'd only overkill it. So instead, I'm going to share with you my some of the historic logos of theWorld Series in the current era. Have you seen this years yet (look to the left!)? It's wonderful! It makes me want to rake leaves into a giant pile and jump in the them and turn them into confetti! Okay, a little much... but in all seriousness looking at the logo makes it legitimatly feel like the Fall Classic... and boy has it come far from its proceeding images (thank you high-def). So below are some logos I've found and looking at them gives me the sensation of seeing the highlight reels and game day footage play before me. They stamp the annual occuance and mark our jerseys and programs as historic evidence of the great winners in this game. And it's cool to see how creative (or lack thereof) they have been over time.

World Series fun fact? In 1903, 1919, 1920 and 1921 the World Series was a 9 game exhibition. Every year between and after has been 7, like we are use to today.

Enjoy the World Series, don't let it pass you by, and don't take one play for granted. This is where it all counts!

The Baseball Life,

Friday, October 7, 2011

The New Marlins, 11-11-11

On 11-11-11 the Miami Marlins
will be introduced to the baseball world....
Along with their new logo, uniforms, and stadium.

The above logo was leaked recently, and while it's been refuted as anything but likely I still want to visit the issue. Logan Morrison has publicly compared it to the monopoly logo, holding them side by side to reporters and said they'd be "the skill boys chasing the rainbow..." Fans have publicly shared their outrage at the lack of creation in the image and most hope the front office can come up with something better. Most used word to descrive the leaked image? "Horrendous." I didn't particularly think of it as atrocious, but I also did not care for it. It in no way compels the argument for the "future of baseball" to an organization that so badly needs to instill a consistant fan base. It may grab the attention of some baseball purists, but would not draw interest from the young, new, or most importanly casual fans.

As a part of the 1993 MLB expansion, the Marlins never had a real chance for success, in terms of building a fan base. Their chance to become a real, professional market in Florida never thrived because they never had their own marketable identity, as they were forced to share a playing surface with the local NFL team, the Miami Dolphins. In their commencing year in 1993, they drew over 3 million in attendance and averaged 37,838 per game. The fans were there, and they were excited for a ball club in their city. But, in their sophomore season attendance fell by over a million and kept a steady decline for the years following until their first Championship season in 1997 where their attendance spiked back up to a little over 2.3 million. But, by 2002 the team fell to its shortest attendance ever, reaching under 1 million for the whole season. In their second Championship season in 2003 they averaged only 16,290 fans per game, but in the following two years they hiked that number up a little to over 22,000 per game. In 2011, their 19th season, the Marlins drew short of 1.5 million by 22,538 in attendance. Looking at these past figures, you can see why the Marlins organization has pushed so hard for a new stadium. It is hard to create a brand while you are sharing your main profit with another organization. The exclusivity of having their own stadium will help structure a fan base for the rest of it's existence.

With that being said, the other part of the 11-11-11 unveiling is their unbelievable new stadium. One of my favorite websites, has a complete review including pictures of the uncompleted ballpark. In their review they write that one of the distinct features of the ballpark will be matching 600 gallon saltwater fish tanks on each side of the backstop behind homeplate that will be made out of bulletproof glass to prevent foul balls from shattering the glass. Construction on the $634 million dollar stadium began July of 2009 and is almost complete. The Miami Marlins will kick off their new franchise versus the New York Yankees on April 1st of 2012 in a pre-season match, while the regular season will commence on April 4th, 2012 versus the St. Louis Cardinals. And the best news for Florida fans... a three panel retractable roof that will only take 13 minutes to open/close. No more rain delays. No more sharing a field with a football team. The stadium will also be a futuristic design, somewhat similar to the Chicago Bears stadium, in my opinion. No brick exterior depicting old era ball, instead it will be white stucco with silver detailing. Large white columns will showcase the Miami skyline against 37,000 dark royal blue seats. Dead center field is designed at 420 feet from homeplate, with the lines measuring 340 to left and 335 to right. The pictures below are from

Outside view of the stadium, retractable roof built in with an oversized awning

Image of the Miami Marlins new, baseball only, stadium

View of the outfield concourse/bullpen - white columns open to the Miami skyline

Aerial view of the new stadium, where the Orangle Bowl was previously held.

Now, after seeing all the plans, projected images, and style of the new stadium it seems near impossible to imagine such a retro logo to be the new franchise marker of the Marlins. Many Marlins sources have denied any link to the image that has been circulating, and I hope they are telling the truth. My guess, and this is without any information from any sources, is white on royal blue with grey. Blue is futuristic to match the stadium, white is classic and timeless. If they added some orange (or other complimenting color) bordering, that would serperate them from the Royals or Blue Jays. But, I would not be surprised to see the Miami Marlins go the classic route and add some dark cerulean blue pinstripes to their home attire. Either way, I am interested to see how they end up and fit into the overall theme of the new franchise.

Below is a video tribute to the New Miami Marlins

Thanks for reading & Happy Playoffs!