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Friday, February 3, 2012

Josh Hamilton

Keeping Josh in my prayers today, hoping he can keep battling his demons. We must remind ourselves not to cast judgement upon those we don't fully understand. Let's please remember his family is suffering and to be respectful to them along this process.

It is difficult to comprehend our hero's failing us, but I'm sure I echo everyone when I say that I hope to see him get back up and continue improving his life while he battles with addiction.

We are praying for you Josh, and your family....


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Jake D said...

I believe he is one of the greatest players of our generation. He just got a late start because of his addiction to drugs and alcohol. I hope he knows that everyone is baseball is wanting him to do well and they have his support. This man is an inspiration to young kids. He had a slip up, but c'mon. The man is not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and I will not hold him to that. He apologized and that's all anyone could ask for. Great article.